Tānpurā Yoga

there is a way to be good again…

-Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

Yoga, etymologically meaning the union of two things, is in itself a vast school of philosophy and has many schools which teach the path of attaining liberation through different means. However, the modern lifestyle of humans cannot be encompassed fully with just one form or style of yoga and requires a holistic approach to address the concerns of a diverse society with different needs and aspirations.

Tānpurā Yoga is my personalized style of Yoga which I have designed based on my explorations in different styles of Traditional yoga alongside my exposure to the aesthetics of Nātyashāstra and Somatics.

Tānpurā Yoga is a holistic approach towards attaining skillfulness in action and making a connection with the body and the mind. It is inclined towards uplifting the quality of human life and thereby adding more efficiency to the things we do on a daily basis as well as the dreams we strive for. Following are the components of the Tānpurā Yoga package which i have curated based on my expertise and experiences :

  • Yoga for Meditation and Peace (Nāda Yoga, Rāja Yoga)
  • Yoga for Health (Hatha Yoga, Ashtānga Yoga)
  • Yoga for Actors/Performers ( Nātya Yoga, Vinyāsa Yoga)