Yes, there is a way to transform and achieve the best version of yourself !

A healthy and efficient body !
A peaceful and stress-free mind !

Over the years of my rigorous experimentation with the body and the stage, I have developed a unique way of transforming the Self through a holistic process combining the best practices of Traditional Yoga, Classical Music, Somatic Body Movements, Natyashastra and Literature.

I call it as : The Tanpura Yoga !


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Hi, I’m Tarosh,  a performance artist and yoga teacher from Delhi, India.

An Engineering graduate from BITS- Pilani University, I have been passionately pursuing Performance Arts and Yoga for many years now and thereby adding more and more discomfort to the patriarchal society around me who still struggles to comprehend the scope of my adventures.

My experiments with Arts, began at my Undergraduate Campus, where I spent four years studying Mechanical Engineering but rather ended up being a Street Theatre Expert and a Taekwondo Coach upon graduation.

I took to the Road Not Taken, got highly inspired watching Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society, ditched the corporate culture and sought my first job as a Mathematics teacher at Pathways World School. However, the euphoria of teaching was soon overtaken by the aura of Theatre as I left my teaching job and started pursuing drama professionally at the mecca of acting- Mandi House, Delhi.

My tryst with Theatre, led me into numerous play productions at National School of Drama, Shri Ram Center and almost every major venue for plays at Delhi. Working with eminent theatre directors such as KS Rajendran and K Madavane, exposed me to a much more enriched and elevated form of drama. So while most of the fellow actors around me were looking forward to breaking into the film industry, I got more intrigued to dig deeper into the unfathomable wells of Drama and Literature in order to explore their rasa and aesthetics. Shakespeare and Natyashastra fascinated me more than anything else I stumbled upon in my life then.

Meanwhile, I had been a fitness enthusiast since my school days and after college, to get more flexibility and strength, I simultaneously enrolled myself into an extensive Yoga training program at MDNIY, New Delhi. What began as a mere form of a set of exercises to achieve a healthy body, made me confront the whole idea of happiness and enlightenment. The philosophy of Yoga found me pondering over the ancient texts of Yoga such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Hath Yoga Pradipika and other Indian Schools of Thought. Though I had no prior interest in philosophy, but the postulates of these texts made me critique the existential crisis and the idea of nirvana of the soul.

While i was trying to find a feasible balance between Theatre and Yoga, I luckily came across a unique kind of movement work, called Somatics, by the internationally acclaimed Choreographer, Navtej Singh Johar. The Somatics training under him jolted my conventional approaches towards the idea of the body and the idea of pleasure. It compelled me to see the world of Yoga and Performance through a new unbiased lens.

Enthusiastically, I started to explore the way our body moves and act but couldn’t reach towards any conclusive developments. The situation started to worsen with nihilism peeping into my life and the joblessness affecting my peace of mind. I went into a void where nothingness of life became the dominating norm and I found myself aloof from the world around me.

Amidst all the chaos and depression, I decided to go for the Hindustani Vocals Training as nothing else seemed lucrative enough to sustain my interest in life in general. Practicing Singing with Tanpura became my recluse and to my astonishment, I found myself finding the missing connection in my erstwhile practices. The eureka moment came for me when I infused the meditative essence of Tanpura into my practice of Yoga.

Thus, Tanpura Yoga came into being involving Sound(Nada Yoga), Motion (Hatha Yoga) and Action(Natya). All my Yoga and Theatre Workshops  are now curated with the amalgamation of these ingredients.

My approach to Yoga is a triangular combination of Music, Dance and Drama, leading to an elevated sense of pleasure and peace. There is no superfluous spirituality in my practice and neither i subscribe to any supernatural elements which are associated with Yoga.

As my journey of Self-Exploration still continues , I wish to share and spread the pleasure I have received from Yoga with everyone.



Email : taroshrao@gmail.com

Watsapp : 8587971967